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NEW! Long Trail Guide, 28th Edition

NEW! Long Trail Guide, 28th Edition

  • 1995

Long Trail Guide  (28th Edition, 2017)

The 100th anniversary of the Long Trail Guide!

In 1917, GMC published the first guidebook to the Long Trail as a resource for the partially built trail. The 28th edition celebrates not only a finished trail extending 272 miles along the Green Mountain Range, but 225 miles of side trails, and a century of Green Mountain Club publishing.

You'll find the information you've always found with updated trail descriptions and full-color maps, plus a new quick-reference guide highlighting campsite and shelter locations. The new guide is accented with art and photographs illustrating the changes in the guide over time. 

*A special Long Trail Guide retrospective authored by GMC and Long Trail history writer Reidun D. Nuquist will be coming later in 2017. The retrospective will be paired with the new guide and will appeal to Long Trail history buffs, guidebook collectors, and anyone who just loves the trail. Check back this winter for a release date.*

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