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eBook Long Trail Guide, 28th Edition

eBook Long Trail Guide, 28th Edition

eBook version of  the Long Trail Guide  (28th Edition, 2017) 

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Description: With this twenty-eighth edition of the Long Trail Guide, we celebrate the trail's one hundredth anniversary! For a century this guidebook has provided hikers with all of the information needed to safely navigate the nation’s first and oldest long-distance hiking trail. Within its pages you will find detailed trail descriptions, updated and easier-to-read maps, mileage tables, trailhead locations, and more.

The 28th edition celebrates not only a finished trail extending 272 miles along the Green Mountain Range, but 225 miles of side trails, and a century of Green Mountain Club publishing.

With this quintessential guide, you'll find the information you've come to expect in every GMC trail guide, but with updated trail descriptions, full-color maps, plus a new quick-reference guide highlighting campsite and shelter locations. The new guide is accented with art and photographs illustrating the changes in the guide over time.

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