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FOR KIDS! Long Trail Activity Book: 2nd Edition

FOR KIDS! Long Trail Activity Book: 2nd Edition

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FOR KIDS! Twenty-eight pages of creative drawing inspirations for young hikers. This is not an ordinary coloring book. Don't just color in the lines. The drawings printed in this book are meant to inspire creativity. Complete them with drawings as real or as fanciful as you wish.

Work on this book on a rainy day at home, and put it in a plastic bag to bring it along on the trail. Draw in this book at lunchtime whenever you're out for a day hike, or dedicate it to a single trip. Add the date and location to each page if you like, or write thoughts about your experience and make it your own trail journal.

Hiking on the Long Trail offers endless explorations and curiosities. Draw what you see or what you imagine while you're on the trail. Have fun!

Author Dave Blumenhal thinks the book is best for kids ages 5-12. "Teens who find a regular blank journal too intimidating could like it a lot too. Any adult who thinks it looks like fun is probably correct...have fun with it!"

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